Can art awaken our perception?

“The meaning of life is to see” said the Zen master Hui Neng. To see is to perceive. To awaken to the beauty in and around us.

Can the hand simply draw what the eye sees? Sounds simple, but it is tough because our mind mediates and translates to the hand what we see. The mind adds its filters to ‘what’ we see and then the hand translates that to the paper. Our task really is to minimize this interference of the mind – to be able to see and perceive with clarity and transparency.

Art, especially, live sketching can be a potent tool to do this. By working on the ‘eye-heart-hand’ reflex, the hand becomes a seamless tool of the eye. Our mind, with its varied impressions and thoughts, slowly loosens its grip and interference and one starts capturing the true essence of the object. Over time one ‘becomes’ the object, without the interference of the ‘thinking mind’. Art is indeed meditation.

An authentic drawing uses our eyes and perception, rather than from our ego or the thinking mind. It seeks to capture the object without the artist’s interference. It lets the object speak through the drawing. We can do this by bringing a deep quality of awareness of what we see and draw.

We will be starting monthly art sessions that will focus on building perception through drawing. Through the sessions, we will explore multiple approaches to perceive and draw in our own unique way. You will learn to draw with authenticity and awareness. You will create a portfolio of art, including a self-portrait, through these sessions.

Monthly Modules. 10 -11 am on Saturdays. Online on Zoom. For Adults & Kids 13+ Years

No prior experience in drawing necessary. All levels are welcome! Call/ WhatsApp +91-9790930471 or email to register.

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