Beautiful Minds

 Creative thinking is 3X as strong an indicator of lifetime achievement than is intelligence

from a landmark 40-year follow-up study

Let your child learn, do and reflect to explore the human mind’s varied range of capacity to think and feel. This program is experiential and learning is by doing. It is built in modules covering a cross-section of skills. Over a period of time, these add up to a wide exploration of a child’s thinking and affective skills. Examples of sessions include:

  • A session on building divergent thinking skills through creative writing
  • A series of sessions on working through a live challenge using design thinking framework
  • Bringing a personal project to life based on one’s interest and skills
  • Activities like short mindful movement or observation to build mindfulness

Our Activities Designed to Build:

Cognitive Skills

Creative Processes

Thinking with Hands


Visual Language

The Spark in You!

The learning environment is open, non-hierarchical and collaborative. Varied learning styles, capacities and interests are taken into account